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If you're anything like us, food is a very important part of everyday life.

...If you're anything like us, it might be the most important part.

When it comes to travel, eating out every meal gets pricy. So I'm here to give you some tips for cooking your own meals on the road while travelling. Even though your meals on the road might not always be the most glamorous, the important thing is that they are nutritious, delicious, and filling.

So, when you're on the road, it is essential to take the time to cook a suitable meal. It might even become a fun activity for you and your partner or travel companion to share. I have compiled a list of 6 tips and tricks that we use when on the road backpacking.


Going grocery shopping on the road will not be the same as when you're back home: you don't always have access to a fridge or freezer and you don't want to weigh your pack down either.

Missy and I always look for easier meals for the days that we aren't around a kitchen. We'd rather be exploring a new destination than spending all our time in front of a stove.

Stock up on foods like oatmeal or a bit of dried pasta or even rice. They are very versatile, easily transported, and something you can cook just by basically boiling water. It's sounds pretty bland but if spice it up then you're in business. With that being said we always buy meat or a small milk when we know we will have a hostel to keep it cold over night, but usually only enough for one meal.


Trying out new recipes while travelling is an easy way to make mealtime more interesting and less of a chore.

Missy and I are always looking for fun recipes to try wether we have a hostel kitchen to use or our little propane burner. We like to try a variety of one pan dishes like our go-to easy meal broccoli macaroni and cheese. It is amazing what easy meals you can find just by looking, and getting easy to carry ingredients.

When we have the space to make something, we normally make something that we are unable to make on the road like a steak or home made butter chicken. When you're in another country it never hurts to see what recipes they have and try it out for yourself, give it to a local to try to test your skills!


Freakshakes in New Zealand

Be less like us

I think for most of us (especially me) we have all been to that point on vacation where this little voice in your brain creeps up and starts talking you into having desserts... and extra mid day snacks... and second breakfast... and before you know it you've gained 5+ pounds while you were away, and spent your entire budget on ice cream.

Well I think there are ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

One of them is to eat more natural sugars like fruit. Throw some into that bowl of oatmeal or cereal in the morning so you can kind of trick your mind into saying you've had something a bit sweeter already today.


When we were in hostels a lot of times we would do our best to make use of the kitchen provided.

I know some hostel kitchens get really crammed and hot, but we always found it worth it to make meals that we couldn't do as easily on the road. The best part is having a nice big fridge. You can go and get things like milk or maybe some actual meat (not from a can!), and have a bit of cereal for a change in the morning, or a bit more "extravagant" dinner with real cutlery rather than plastic!


This is for leftover lovers like myself. If I have a chance to cook some dinner and make enough for later you know I'll eat it for lunch other​ next day.

We bought a smaller container just for this reason and it's another good way to budget meals even better. It's a bit more weight for the morning but I don't think it's enough to say it's unnecessary especially if it's just going to be gone soon anyway. Just don't let food go bad, it's precious. So very precious.


Crayfish and white wine at the Green Dolphin in Kaikoura, New Zealand

And now, the last tip I have for you may just be contradicting everything else that I have said earlier. Don't always be out looking for the cheapest diet you can get away with.

In the end you are on vacation so why not get the food you really want to eat rather than eating packaged noodles, save that for college. I understand everyone has a budget, but being in a new country is about experiencing it fully, so don't skip the crayfish in Kaikoura, because it is delicious.

What was your favorite meal on the road? What tips do you have for cooking on the road? Do you tend to cook for yourself, or treat yourself?

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